Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Au Naturel

Hello gorgeous....

For some people basic and natural is the way to go. It can give you a healthy glow when done right and it is easy to do.Believe it or not I wear natural makeup on a daily basis. My daily makeup consist of foundation, concealer, light blush, mascara, and a nude lip gloss. I do however enjoy my bright and vibrant colors, but it is often very time consuming and that is something that majority of people these days lack.

I was recently told that I would not go far unless I tone my style down, although this is merely the opinion of 1 simple person, I believe there is a place for every style in this wonderful industry. That unrequested comment is what prompted me to write this blog, because it reminded me that I do focus a lot on the colorful, non commercial, and sometimes outrageous looks but it also reminded me that natural is in fact beautiful and sometime necessary. below I will post a few pictures of natural and semi natural looks I did on myself and some of my clients.

Regardless of what team you are on (natural or dramatic) what makes you feel beautiful is what you should wear and for me it simply depends on the day.......

until next time enjoys these pics. BESOS <3

Makeup I did on my mother. She loves rockin the natural look

This is how my makeup generally looks on a daily basis

This is one of my brides during her trial run (pre waxing :) )

simple makeup w/ a dramatic flare  

This look is more neutral than natural but I liked it lol

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Love Alway's

Hello gorgeous.....

There is not much I can say today. I just want to show respect for a family that I and a lot of people in my community were close to. The Eady family is compiled of some of the sweetest people I have ever met, and I struggle to understand why bad things happen to good people. I realize that I cannot lean on my own understanding and I must trust that God has a plan. This is the very message I am sending to the Eady family because I cannot imagine their pain.

 On 10/10/10 the Eady family was on their way home from an out of state funeral when they were involved in a 1 car accident which caused 3 of the 6 passengers to lose their life.  I don't know the details and frankly that is not what is important. I just want to celebrate the lives of Josh Eady (17) Whitney Eady (22) and their father Charles Eady (47)  because I was blessed to know them.  below is a picture of Whitney and Joshua. May they Rest In Peace <3 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hello Gorgeous......

Okay soooooo every third Sunday of each month I set up a table at this bridal show in my local community!! It is awesome, I have gotten so much business from it and I have met so many cool vendors. I pay $25 each month and I get to decorate my table any way I like. Last month I brought my friend along with me and did a live tutorial which was cool!! My mommy always comes and helps because she is wayyy more outgoing than me lol she does the talking I do the makeup.

I would encourage all new makeup artist who are trying to jump start their business to look into doing something like this. It really gets your name out there plus the event is exclusive to people who are looking for the type of services we are offering.  below is a few short clips of my beautiful friend Becca and my lovely mother Misty (twitter.com/MzWizdom) as well as a picture of what my table looks like!!

Here is my vendor Table. Pink, black and Zebra

My lovely model/ friend Becca Boo

My beautiful mother doing an impromptu interview lol

..... And here is a link to the event center that so graciously throws this show each month

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Here comes the bridessssssssss............................

Hello Gorgeous....

Ok so I love weddings. My favorite part is probably the look on the grooms face when he sees his bride for the first time, my second favorite part is when the DJ plays Single Ladies (By Beyonce) cause I can't help but to put my hands on my hips and say "If you liked it then you shoulda put a raaaang on it". I love how anxious a bride gets right before she puts on her dress and I love the sister hood that goes on in the womans dressing room, it isn't unusual to see legs being lotioned, toes being polished, zippers being zipped or tears being wiped. Weddings are amazing and lucky little me gets to take part in my fair share :) Here are just two of my October brides.....

This is beautiful Michele. She was very nervous because she and her husband did most of the planning and all of the catering. I snapped this photo before she put on her dress. The best part of Michele's reception was when her husband announced she was preggers!! Congrats Michele your receptions was beautiful!!

The bride on the right is wonderful Shontel! I got the the pleasure of meeting her at a mutual friends birthday party!! Shontel married her high school sweetheart on a beautiful fall day. Mrs. Diaz was not nervous at all. The best part of her wedding would have to be the scenery :)

These ladies got him to put a rang on it lol. I look forward to all the winter weddings to come.

until next time......Besos beauties

Fashion for a cure!

Hello gorgeous......

I have some never before seen footage from a fashion show I did a while back called fashion for a cure. I was privileged enough to have the opportunity to apply makeup to 30+ cancer survivors, some as young as 3! It was an amazing experience. All the garments were made and donated by local designers and fashion students. My mother was with me and took some time to document some of these beautiful woman, here are a few clips................